Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Siamese Clown

One is hyperactive. One is severely depressed. Every day is a struggle.

Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Great News for the Extinct!

Extinct No More!
The animals you thought were gone forever are really co-existing harmoniously on a secluded island (name withheld). What a relief! They weren't hunted to extinction by humans after all! They escaped their tragic fates to become part of the 'Animal Project'. Thanks to their own proactive escape artistry and raft building skills, they have maintained their species and have been living out their lives here for a very long time. Despite the occasional existential crisis and the daily boredom of everyday life, they are all relatively healthy, comfortable, and happy.

This photo was taken by a shipwrecked photographer, who sent this photo to his local newspaper inside an empty flask of pirate whiskey. Present on photo day were: left to right: Mister Wooly Mammoth, Saber Tooth Tiger, Passenger Pigeon, Monsieur Dodo Bird, Pteranodon, Tasmanian Wolf, and Ms. Giant Moa.