Thursday, June 7, 2007

Meet the Real Life Font Family


All members of font family are made entirely out of letters and numbers. Font Sister was grounded and could not participate in the family portraits this year.

Font Mother - Franklin Gothic Book, Font Boy - American Typewriter, Font Father - Baskerville Old Face, Font Cat - Arial, Background in Family Portrait - Futura.


ld said...

Anne-Renée you never fail to amaze me with your artistic talents. I absolutely love your work.

shirka said...

Oh! Great Familyyyyyyyy
Is amazing idea and a lot of work. i like it
Fonts Fonts Fonts everywhere

Laura Roigé - ShirKa _. said...

Oh sorry, i was out of my account in the last posts.
now it´s me

Mac said...

The font family rules. Baskerville Font Father is tops. "Get a job" is so right on for his motto.

Justin said...

This is wonderful! Your line work and creative nature is sumblime. No walls for you, I'm inspired, coolio

Anne-Renée said...

Thank you all for the kind comments!