Saturday, November 24, 2007

Winter Is My Worst Best Friend

Hand drawn & digital


Curtis said...

HAHA!! This is awesome!
It looks great and it makes you think about how much winter hurts your face.

Ariel said...

*Perhaps i'll do a text/sketch collaboration again when i gotta go in and spend tons of money on auto repairs again.. ;)

Thanx for dropping by again Anne-Renee. Good stuff here also. Keep having fun.


Ben said...

I thought it was a giant keyhole, at first. Now what am I gonna do with this giant key???

Mac said...

I like the style of this one! It has a nice indie comic feel. Nice colors and inks.

Anonymous said...

this is neat...i hate winter sometimes

andreainwonderland said...

your artwork is so original, i admire it :)

and winteris my worst best friend too.