Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Inside Every Man is a Lego Man

Hand drawn & digital


scott said...

haha...very cool. like a suit of armor.

Anonymous said...

Blair says: very nice!...but shouldn't it be "Inside Every Lego Man is Organs and Guts"?

Mirco said...

Does a lego man feel pain?
I like the colours and the background texture.

mike g said...

this is fantastic.
who cant appreciate a painting of mirco in mexico.

great work!

Eric Orchard said...

Hey Great stuff, Anne-Renee!
Are you at Nscad?

Anne-Renée said...

Thanks everyone!

Eric, thanks for your comment. I'm not in school right now, I finished in 2004. I didn't go to NSCAD though. I went to the College of the North Atlantic in my home province of Newfoundland....BIG TIME STUFF...heh ;)

Hobo Divine said...

You are very astute!

I firmly agree.

Jordan Lamarre-Wan said...

wow, that's so cool!