Tuesday, September 17, 2013


Written, Directed and Narrated by Anne-Renée Dumont
Animation & Storyboards by Mirco Chen
Character Designs by Scott MacDonald
Additional Banjo and Sound Effects by André Dumont
Backgrounds by Anne-Renée Dumont

A New Collaboration.

All the characters in Serge were designed by Scott MacDonald. He rules. Check out his work. More of his original character sketches below.

Serge just wants to eat his toast in peace.

Serge contemplating the archaic beauty of a flower.

Serge learns about the security that can be found in numbers.

Serge entertains a laboured sigh.


How is anyone supposed to know the answer to anything?

Mirco Chen did the animation. He rules too. Check out his work.

Serge is playing at the Atlantic Film Festival tonight Tuesday September 17, 2013 along with a program of other locally animated shorts.

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