Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Computer Arts Magazine

My latest showreel got featured in the April 2012 issue of Computer Arts Magazine. It's on the cover disk that comes with the magazine in the section "showreels and shorts". You can see the thumbnail of my "purple guys" on the square cover.

Thanks to Computer Arts Magazine for featuring my work!

The paragraph writeup is a little misleading though. I don't currently work at Collideascope (not since 2010) and I think the avatars they are talking about are the Mystery Hunters ones and they weren't actually designed by me (They were designed by Mirco).

As far as the Mystery Hunters work goes, I tried to show the parts I worked on, the screen designs, interactivity, some production art. Together, my boss and I designed all the mini games and the adventures, which was rare and fun, and that part with the avatar that you see in my showreel of the avatar running from ghosts is part of an opening sequence that I put together to entice the user to wanna play the 33 mini games + 13 adventures.

We had a talented group of artists and animators for that Mystery Hunters project that I was fortunate enough to work with, that included Mirco Chen, Matt Jaeschke, Reuben H., Nathaniel Heath, and Paul Sarrazin. Those guys rule.

You can watch my showreel here

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