Saturday, September 22, 2012

Interactive Transcript...I see what you did there

YouTube's "Interactive Transcript" function is crazy. Is it trying to inject politics into "A Dog Is Ignoring You"? It's the least political thing, possibly, ever.

It's kind of cool. Mostly creepy.

Go here

Click on the button underneath the video that looks like a page. If you roll over it, it says "Interactive Transcript".

It tries to give you a text read out of what the narration is saying.

My favourite lines are:

Just as you think he is Clinton toward team (0:46)
Just as you think you will never Vietnam alleged (1:05)
and i would appreciate some prize (1:21)
idle streak (1:26)
promise me. they'll never leave me. account. mood (1:37-1:44)

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